Brighton Pepperpot – 28.10.16

A building…an unusual building…a beauty in the city landscape…, a water tower… sewer vent…observatory…folly…a classical Greek monument with views of a Brighton skyline… intriguing, steps up to a door…a landmark, a haven…as you wait by the bus stop …you are invited to see what’s inside…you walk up the stairs, push open the door and enter…or as you walk past the Pepperpot you are handed a torch, welcomed to walk up the stairs and through the door…darkness as you pick out the objects safely stored inside…litter pickers, snow shovels, walls bolstered by scaffolding…as your eyes adjust… as an eye…adjusts…and a shape shifts…

Shapeshifter re-imagined how a space is perceived.  A site responsive work to open a building up. A celebration of this intriguing landmark building by local theatre makers Suitcase Theatre.  So many of us have held the Pepperpot in our imaginations wondering what was inside… we might shrink…or be teleported to another world…or might someone or something live in it?

A collaboration between a writer/director, designer and performer who have created a piece for this distinctive building.  In ShapeShifter, we have re-imagined the Pepperpot as a refuge for someone who has made it their home.

It was a theatrical response combining costume, movement and words.

A response to the world we live in

A response to an extraordinary building

A response to open up a space and invite people inside….

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Director’s Notes for ShapeShifter

A collaboration between a director and a designer to create a performance piece.  It is responsive to the world we live in and an unusually striking building.

It is a show based on conversations with women.  The invisibility that surrounds  older women… The harassment and objectification of younger women…the complexities of how they are perceived by the people around them…the barrage of verbal abuse hurled at them from cars, scaffolding or whispered from passing strangers.   Physical abuse has been invasive -pinched nipples and groped bottoms, in public places and in front of many people…so surprising and shocking in that moment, that the women are left speechless…

This piece is a response to the feelings of hatred, guilt and powerlessness that women have been left with.  It also acknowledges how powerful it is to stand strong with other women.  In a world where human and environmental destruction has taken away the forests, clean rivers and fresh air the ShapeShifter  has taken refuge in the Pepperpot, whilst she looks for the other women.   She is wearing her body’s organs as armour for protection…she is every woman and inhabits a timeless body…

Creative Team:

Director/Writer – Tess Garrett

Costume Design and Construction  – Morwenna Garrett-Bannister

Performer – Ruby Phelan

Graphic Design – Jonah Garrett-Bannister