About Suitcase Theatre

“Suitcase Theatre : Creating plays and stories that can travel anywhere; small enough to fit in a suitcase but strong enough to cross borders.”


Suitcase Theatre is a Brighton based community theatre company using storytelling and drama in an inspiring, inclusive and playful atmosphere.  We run weekly theatrical workshops for various age groups from 2 years to 102 years old.  Out of a suitcase comes materials, props, costumes and puppets as a springboard for the participants to create their own stories and plays.

Suitcase Theatre believes in providing a safe creative playful space in which participants  can work with others to develop their self- expression, building their confidence and self-esteem.  We will work in creative community partnerships to deliver innovative, responsive events and activities.

Suitcase Theatre’s weekly workshops take place at local community venues.

Suitcase in the Wild is the opportunity to experience the outside and the elements in site responsive, customised storytelling, lantern and playmaking workshops, processions and theatrical experiences in the woods and parks of Sussex.

Suitcase believes that its experiences and workshops will be open to all – paid workshops provide the opportunity and funding for wider inclusivity.  Suitcase will seeks to maximise its income in fees, grants and sponsorship in order to provide affordable opportunities for all the community.

if you have any queries or questions to ask, click here to go to our contact form.

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